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Body1 is a comprehensive health and wellness community.    Our mission is to share useful, accurate, and timely information to assist patients and physicians to better partner with each other and thereby improve healthcare.  The content provided on sites in The Body1 Network can be used to supplement information given to patients by their healthcare provider.  It should never be used as a replacement for professional medical advice.

Body1's unbiased reporting allows for patients to benefit from the information most appropriate to their personal medical situation.  The content found on Body1 sites is posted at the discretion of its editorial team and is not determined by Body1 sponsors, advertisers or their products.    The opinions of those who contribute community content by posting in the forums or the blogs are entirely their own and are not directed or edited in any way by sponsors or advertisers.

Client product information centers and physician locators are built by the Body1 team with assistance from pertinent sponsors and information providers.   Information from sponsors/advertisers is clearly labeled as such.   Whenever a corporate underwriter or sponsor is mentioned in an article, it will be identified as such for purposes of transparency.

In addition, Body1 contributors periodically review products.    While these reviewers may on occasion be paid by Body1 to review a product, Body1 does not accept funding from any product manufacturer for a product review.    Nor does Body1 allow any site sponsor or advertiser to influence the outcome of any product review.   

Body1 sites abide by responsible medical journalism principles including those of the Health On the Net Foundation (HONcode) and other standard setting organizations.   Any complaints or concerns can be directed, 24 hours/day to [email protected]

Weight Loss
By LisaRay

Posted: Dec 6, 2017
 Weight loss is common disease worldwide. There are lots of methods to counteract this difficulty. Few mentioned below.1. Green tea.2. Daily exercise.3. Drink water4. Daily Running.

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Fighting Stretch Marks with Lasers
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Sudden weight gain or loss can cause stretch marks, which are a form of scarring. Try to keep your body shape within a healthy range for your gender. This assessment tool may help.

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