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How to Hide Stretch Marks in Bikini Season

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How to Hide Stretch Marks in Bikini Season

July 25, 2011

Written for Stretchmarks1 by Eliza Shirazi

Hello, summer! Hello, traveling! Hello, heat! Hello, stretch marks… The summer heat leads to less clothing and, for those with stretch marks, less confidence. No matter what you do it seems impossible to get rid of them. The mirror always reflects their wretchedness and that eats away at the beauty you want to feel. Although stretch marks may be unavoidable and irritating, never allow them to make you feel unattractive. Dressing the right way and wearing items that do not draw attention to the “problem areas” will make you feel more secure.

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How to make your stretchmarks a secret:

  • Use a light weight beach wrap to stay cool, covered, and cute.
  • Purchase a one piece bathing suit to cover stomach areas!
  • Most importantly, be comfortable in your skin!
  • Beach Wraps: The perfect way to stay cool, feel free, and hide stretch marks on the leg and back area.  When going to the beach no one wants to be bogged down with heavy material to cover their stretch marks. Between the sand, water, and sun it is easy to quickly get uncomfortable with too many layers. A beach wrap is a perfect solution because it is light weight and accessible while still covering the stretch marks.  Designed with a variety of different style, cuts, lengths, and materials, beach wraps are always going to cover what you want to conceal. All you have to do is choose one that makes YOU feel at ease.

    One piece bathing suits: These bathing suits are making a comeback! Not only do they come in numerous styles, but they are perfect for covering the stomach area while still maintaining panache. The one piece is no longer meant for the lifeguard! Many suits are chic and fashion friendly. For example this bathing suit by Victoria’s Secret can cover any problem areas you may have, but still allows you to enjoy the heat and remain fashion friendly. Some swimsuits such as this piece of swimwear even have attachable skirts to hide stomach and lower stretch marks that may be on your legs. For a bit more coverage on the arms or underarms, try styles such as this!

    Makeup: Dermablend is a makeup product created to cover your problem areas, including stretch marks.  A great additional feature of Dermablend is that it has 30 SPF to protect you from the sweltering sun. With the correct makeup, clothes do not have to be a concern for you. Simply apply and maintain great coverage. Dermablend even has a specific page for stretch marks to help you find comfort being in your own skin.

    Simply be you: Sometimes you can be your own worst critic. Your stretch marks may be minimal and all they need is some sunscreen. Embrace your body!

    Soaking in the summer sun is an important aspect of enjoying this beautiful time of the year. By choosing the right clothes and makeup, you can hide your stretch marks and increase your confidence. And always remember to never let stretch marks define who you are!

    Photo: Justin Hall

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