• Cushing disease: A case of mistaken identity
  • Laser Treatment of Stretch  Marks on Dark Skin
  • First genetic study of stretch marks
  • Home Remedies for Removing Old Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are a common type of scarring. Learn more about how stretch marks form and what can be done to prevent them.
Did you know there are different kinds of stretch marks? Learn more about what causes each type of stretch marks on the Conditions page.
Understanding your treatment options is the first step toward choosing the right one. Learn the latest ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in our Treatment Center.
  • 8 Common Causes of Breast Pain

    Learn about some of the common causes of breast pain. These causes include skin changes, certain types of medication, and infections....

  • New sunscreen compound protects against UVA-induced skin aging, cancer

    Researchers have created a compound that offers high protection against skin damage caused by UVA radiation, and they call for it to be added to sunscreen....

  • Hospital more than 4 times as likely for under-6s after laundry pod detergent contact

    Poisoning most common diagnosis compared with skin irritation for other detergent types....

  • Many skin cancer patients still too likely to sunburn

    A recent study by researchers at Johns Hopkins concludes that a substantial number of people with a history of the most frequent kind of nonmelanoma skin cancers still get ...

  • Potential new target identified for treating itch

    Findings suggest nerve receptors work in concert to transmit itch signals.Researchers have found how sensory nerve cells work together to transmit itch signals from the skin ...

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    Dr. Eliot Ghatan

    Dr. Eliot Ghatan:

    Fighting Stretch Marks with Lasers
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    Advanced BMI Calculator

    Sudden weight gain or loss can cause stretch marks, which are a form of scarring. Try to keep your body shape within a healthy range for your gender. This assessment tool may help.

    Advanced BMI Calculator

    Depression Screener

    Did you know that the trauma that causes scars can lead to depression that can affect daily life? If you are feeling anxious, sad, or confused, you are not alone and there are healthcare professionals who can help. Try this short depression screener to learn more.

    Depression Screener
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